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What is Fistula?

Yoga & Exercises To Deal With Fistula An anal fistula develops when there is an uneven false tract between the interior of the rectum and the external skin surface.  According to the state of the tract and the relationship of the internal opening to the anal sphincter muscle, the anal fistula is categorized.  This ailment typically arises as a result of an untreated anal abscess.  Typically, an infection of a tiny gland leads to the anal abscess itself.

The most typical signs and symptoms are pain, persistent swelling, pus discharge, and discomfort when passing stool. 

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What causes anal fistulas?

It typically happens as a result of tissue injury near the anus. It starts off as a kind of rectal inflammation.

Later, it develops into an abscess that is frequently contaminated and reinfected by feces.

As a result, a fistula develops close to the anus. Pus may begin to build up if the fistula closes.

Anal fistulas can be excruciatingly painful due to this pus-drain.

Anal fistulas typically develop as a result of:

  • Harm resulting from constipation
  • Infection of the anal glands 
  • Crohn’s illness
  • A big intestinal abscess

What are the typical anal fistula symptoms?

  • The anal region is swollen
  • Redness in the vicinity of the rectum
  • Drainage of pus
  • Back pain


 Yoga  & Exercises To Deal With Fistula

Exercise is probably the last thing on your mind if you have piles. Yoga and other forms of exercise can help you manage this disease.

Exercise inactivity is a significant component in the development of piles. In the treatment of piles and fissures, yoga is crucial.

Yoga has no bad effects. It entails physical activities like stretches and asanas (poses) that open the blood vessels and increase circulation.

 Yoga  & Exercises To Deal With Fistula

These activities also help to strengthen immune systems, relax muscles, and detoxify the body. You can lessen your risk of constipation by practicing yoga.

Hemorrhoids are less likely to occur as a result by up to 90%. 

Here are a few poses that can help with piles and fissures.

Viparita Karani 

The anal area’s blood flow can be enhanced by this position. In turn, this will aid in lessening piles symptoms. 

Additionally, Viparita Karani will lessen the anxiety brought on by undue straining during bowel movements.

Deep Breathing

The greatest workouts for piles are deep breathing exercises. 

This practice encourages relaxation and helps to reduce pelvic floor muscle tension. 

As you inhale deeply through your abdomen, allowing your belly to expand fully, and then slowly exhale by bringing your navel towards your spine, sit up straight.

The duration of this workout can reach five minutes.

Baddha Konasana

Your inner thighs, groin, and knees can be strengthened and made more flexible with the help of this advantageous workout.

Your gastrointestinal organs will be stimulated, and any digestive discomfort will be relieved.

With your legs spread wide and your feet together in a comfortable position, straighten your spine while wrapping your fingers over your toes. 

Keep your body in this position for up to a minute.


This position can aid in preventing piles, which are frequently brought on by constipation. 

Your hips, back, and buttocks will all benefit from the Garland position. 

Additionally, it will expand and contract the abdomen to maintain a balance in the digestive system as a whole. 

Before relaxing, try to hold this position for eight to ten breaths.


These are a few workouts that you can perform in the convenience of your house.

When performed on a daily basis, these exercises can also assist you in managing issues like constipation, which is frequently linked to piles.

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This will enable you to quickly return to your regular way of life.

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