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Ayurvedic treatment for fistula in Chandigarh Chandigarh at Arogya dham panchkula (Haryana). Book appointment for external, internal Fistula treatment by best specialist doctors. Fistula does no longer heal on its own that’s why doctors don’t advise fistula treatment without surgical procedure. 100% relief from pain, safest and effective treatment provided by Fistula doctors in Chandigarh.
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Fistula Doctors in Chandigarh

Best treatment of anal Fistula by Fistula doctors in Chandigarh. Clinical effectives and cost effectives treatments for patients with having fistula in ano by specialist doctors in Chandigarh.

A fistula in anal is an infected tunnel filled with pus that forms between your anal canal and the outer skin of buttocks.

Common fistula signs consist of –

  •  TRecurrent pain and swelling inside the perianal area
  •  Smelly discharge – pus or blood – from the anal region
  •  Throbbing pain that gets worse when you cough, sit or circulate around
  •  Fever, chills or fatigue
  •  Bowel incontinence or having difficulty in controlling bowel moves

Fistula doctors in Chandigarh provide you the facility to heal the fistula while avoiding damage to the sphincter muscles.

The great and most effective way to deal with Anal Fistula is Kshar Sutra. Dr. Rajan Goel and Dr. Poonam Goel are specialist doctors in Chandigarh that first examined with an endoscope to determine the point of the internal opening of the Fistula.

  •  Minimal-access method: Minimally-invasive surgery like VAAFT surgical operation causes less pain, is safer without external scars, and has a faster healing duration. It is a day-care surgery so you can be discharged the same day and resume work day after today.
  •  Open surgical treatment approach: The extra conventional open-surgery method, additionally called a Fistulectomy, lessens the possibilities of fistulae from recurring. The recovery period may be longer in this approach as it may take 4-6 weeks to heal post-surgery.

Best surgeon of fistula in Chandigarh will talk to you about the options available and which one they feel is the most suitable for you.