What is Fistula?

Fistula Doctors in Chandigarh before that we discuss here about Fistula Let’s know about what is fistula . A fistula is defined as an abnormal passageway that joins two vessels or organs that normally do not connect. These passageways can develop spontaneously or as a result of injury, infection, inflammation, or surgery. Fistulas can occur in various parts of the body, including the digestive tract, urinary system, reproductive organs, and skin. The anus region is where fistulas most frequently occur.

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What exactly causes a fistula?

  • Infection: Infections can lead to the formation of abscesses, which may subsequently develop into fistulas if they rupture and create abnormal connections between organs or tissues. For example, anal abscesses can result from infected anal glands and may progress to anal fistulas.

  • Inflammatory Conditions: Chronic inflammatory conditions such as Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis can increase the risk of developing fistulas in the gastrointestinal tract. These conditions cause inflammation and damage to the lining of the intestines, which can lead to the formation of abnormal passageways between the intestines and other organs or tissues.

  • TraumaTrauma-related fistulas can occur in various locations, including the gastrointestinal tract (enterocutaneous, rectovaginal, rectourethral), urinary system (vesicovaginal, urethrocutaneous), reproductive organs (vesicovaginal, rectovaginal), or skin (enterocutaneous). .

  • Childbirth: In women, prolonged or difficult childbirth can sometimes cause injury to the tissues of the vagina, bladder, or rectum, resulting in the formation of vesicovaginal or rectovaginal fistulas.

  • Surgery: Certain surgical procedures carry a risk of fistula formation as a complication. For example, surgeries involving the intestines, bladder, or reproductive organs may inadvertently create abnormal connections between these structures.

  • Radiation Therapy: Radiation therapy used to treat cancer in the pelvic area can damage tissues and increase the risk of developing fistulas, particularly rectovaginal fistulas.

  • Congenital Abnormalities: Some fistulas are present from birth due to developmental abnormalities. These congenital fistulas may involve abnormal connections between various organs or structures in the body.

  • Chronic Medical Conditions: Certain chronic medical conditions, such as tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, and diabetes, can weaken the immune system and increase susceptibility to infections, which may contribute to fistula formation.

How can a fistula be identified?

Consult your doctor right away if you experience any fistula symptoms, including abdominal pain, discharge, a change in your bowel habits, or severe diarrhoea.

An external fistula can be diagnosed fairly easily because the doctor can see it.

He or she may perform blood tests to assist in the diagnosis as well as send any discharge that occurs to a lab for analysis.

It might be more difficult to diagnose an internal fistula. To find the fistula, your doctor may use an endoscope to peer inside, as well as ultrasounds, and MRIs.

Treatment options by Fistula Doctors in Chandigarh:

Fistula in ano is best treated with kshar sutra a medicated thread.

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A cut or tear that extends upward into the anal canal from the anus (the opening through which stool exits the body) is referred to as an anal fissure.

Fissures have been thought to be typical anus and anal canal conditions. It becomes the cause of 6% to 15% of colon and rectal surgery visits. Any age group may be affected by this condition.

The most typical reason for rectal bleeding is an anal fissure, which typically causes pain during bowel movements.

Fistula Doctors in Chandigarh

Fistula in ano is best treated with kshar sutra an ayurvedic medicated thread that heals the fistula completely and there are least chances of any reoccurrence after this procedure.

The area around the anus is where fistulas most frequently occur. Peri-anal fistulas are what they are known as.

Fistulas may develop between

  • Vaginal and rectus
  • Skin and the intestine
  • Abdomen and bladder

Do not put off seeing your doctor if you have fistula symptoms. Seek treatment and educate yourself on your options; it may be simpler than you think to get treatment, and in almost all cases, getting treatment is preferable to not getting it at all.

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